Accessibility for this website

We understand the need for this website to be accessible to all. Please contact us if you have questions or feedback regarding the accessibility of this site, or if you have difficulty using it.

Accessibility features on this website:

The following features improve navigation for text only browsers, screen reader users, and users of keyboard navigation. 

Style Sheets

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual layout. If your browser supports it, stylesheets can be disabled or over-ridden to customise the appearance of the website, to your preference.

 Font Sizes

You can change the font size of each page to your preference through the browser in Internet Explorer, select View, then Text Size, and then your preferred size
in Netscape select View, then Text Zoom, and then your preferred percentage size in Firefox press CTRL + to increase font size and CTRL – to decrease. CTRL 0 will reset sizes to default.


The site has been designed to be easy to read through its colour combinations. If you have any difficulty in reading parts of the site please contact us.


We have worked hard to ensure that our links are meaningful, and some links are explained in greater detail by using a title attribute.


JavaScript is used on the site to improve usability. All pages and processes are still accessible and usable if JavaScript is disabled or unavailable.

Reading PDF documents

You can read PDF files using Access Adobe software, which can convert .pdfs to .html files. The site has full details.