Together Travel

About Us:

  • Luxury self-catering holiday homes across the Great British coast and countryside
  • Inspired by the natural environment
  • Pet-friendly across our locations
  • Dedicated concierge team ready to tailor your stay

Together represents the ever-changing landscape of travel and the modern family, where loved ones separated by distance, often choose to reunite in a beautiful home-away-from-home; celebrating those milestone moments and special celebrations as one.

 We pride ourselves on being a unique British travel company offering extraordinary holidays at a selection of stunning coastal and countryside locations across the UK. We all work together and live by the principles that underpin our travel philosophy, forever on a quest to help our guests re-connect and rejuvenate in the comfort of luxury accommodation, set to a backdrop of natural beauty.

We are your guides to life’s most amazing experiences and guardians of quality time, understanding how important your leisure time is in creating moments and memories that will last a lifetime!

We also truly believe in sustainability and community. The very landscapes within which we showcase our luxury homes, are undeniably the main attractions and we have a real affinity with these rural communities; after all, this is where our founder, Matthew Spence came from, having developed the first location in the Yorkshire Dales on his family farm back in 2006.

When you combine our sincere passion for reconnecting families, providing unforgettable experiences and supporting local communities, together you have a holiday that is truly special.

Together, your journey starts here!