The ultimate destination for those of you who like your landscape dramatic, Dartmoor National Park is one of Devon’s most popular attractions. With its foreboding granite tors that jut proudly from the ground, and mile after mile of windswept moorland, Dartmoor holidays can be as active or as peaceful as you want them to be.

Dartmoor National Park

If you’re after an escape from it all and days spent wandering pastures new, Dartmoor covers more than 360 square miles, and that means a whole lot of scenery just waiting to be discovered. If you’ve never tried your hand at letterboxing, then what better place to start than in the national park where the activity started? A little bit like orienteering and a little like treasure hunting, letterboxing’s a great way to enjoy the moor – especially if you’re taking the kids.

However you choose to take in the landscape, you can’t miss some of the national park’s best-loved residents…the famous Dartmoor ponies. These little guys are native to Dartmoor, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take photos to show those back home, just be careful not to get too close!

One of the best ways to start a Dartmoor holiday is to jump in the car and see where the winding lanes take you. You’re never far away from a thatched village with a friendly pub or one of the moor’s infamous stone circles or ancient villages, so if it’s been too long since you channelled your inner explorer – Dartmoor’s the perfect destination to have an adventure.

And if the area looks familiar in places, it may well be because Dartmoor was the backdrop to the film version of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse. Filming took place largely around Meavy and Sheepstor, and Steven Spielberg was so smitten with the views that he added extra scenes to the film just so that he could showcase Dartmoor’s rare beauty. So, is it time you discovered it for yourself?

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