Holidays in Colwyn Bay

If you’re planning a holiday in North Wales take time to make a stop at Colwyn Bay. It’s one if the most popular beaches in the area and for good reason. Long swathes of golden sand will make even the most sedentary of adults want to kick up their heels, indulge in some friendly beach ball games or just grab a spade, the kids, and build a sandcastle.

Colwyn Bay is on the north coast of Wales and overlooks the Irish Sea. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this might make the Bay a rather chilly destination for a picnic, but it’s actually known for its temperate climate. In keeping with the feel of a traditional seaside town there’s a promenade, with dedicated cycle path for those on two wheels, leading from Old Colwyn to Rhos-on-Sea or vice versa. Got the family pet in tow? Thoughtfully, there’s a section of Colwyn Bay which is pet friendly meaning everyone can enjoy a doggy paddle….

If you’re wandering around Colwyn Bay and think you hear the odd chimpanzee chattering or even the roar of a big cat, you’re not mistaken. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is located here and boasts a large array of animals and amphibians to intrigue inquisitive minds. Visit the California sea lions and watch them play from their underwater viewing facility or get up as close as you dare to the brown bears. No need to go on a bear hunt here!

For a peaceful place to visit head to the Holy Well and Chapel of St Trillo along the promenade at Rhos-on-Sea. A more delightful chapel you’d struggle to find (in our opinion). It’s perched right by the sea and holds no more than 6 people at once. Certainly perfect for a spot of reflection if you stay a while on the bench outside, listening to the waves lapping the shore.

Journeying out from the area both the Isle of Anglesey and the Snowdonia National Park are an easy drive away. What’s not at all easy is the walk up Snowdon. At 3,560ft it’s the highest mountain in England and Wales but the views are breathtaking from the top. Take a trip over the Menai Suspension Bridge and visit the Isle of Anglesey and its medieval town, Beaumaris. Billed as ‘the most technically perfect castle in Britain’ Beaumaris Castle boasts classic proportions and perfect symmetry. If castles are your thing – this is not to be missed!

We’ve a large range of Colwyn Bay cottages which are near to the beach. With the accommodation sorted all you need to do is plan what you’re going to do first. Enjoy!