Part of the fun of a stay in one of our East Anglia holiday cottages is discovering which corner of the region is ‘yours’. A stay in the region is all about falling in love with the counties that make it up and then planning your return to do it all over again (and trust us, you will). It all started in the fifth century when Angles made Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk their homes, and the region gradually became known as East Anglia (although Essex is often seen as belonging to the region too these days). Together, the counties comprise a region that’s easy to reach and a haven for those in need of a welcoming escape from it all.

Cambridge intrigues the curious, Norfolk invigorates the walkers and Suffolk inspires the historians…but no matter which of the region’s counties is your favourite, each one has something to offer every visitor. If you’re about to visit East Anglia for the first time then prepare to be surprised, from its seaside towns’ living passion for art to the fact that Norwich was voted as one of the ten best spots for shopping in the whole of the UK, you’re about to stumble on all kinds of “I didn’t know that” moments.

There’s good news for walkers, as while the East Anglia terrain is known for being picturesque it’s not famed for its mountains, so if you’re looking forward to getting those walking boots back on and seeing where you can stomp then you should find plenty of flat, level walks to keep you exploring. If you like your breaks diverse then East Anglia’s ideal, as you’ll be free to discover bustling cities one day and lose yourself in the peace and quiet of village-dotted countryside the next…the choice is yours.