Holidays in Herefordshire

When’s the last time you discovered somewhere that captured your imagination and had you wondering why you hadn’t stumbled upon it sooner? Well, that’s how you’ll feel about Herefordshire and its many hidden treasures.

Easy to get around and so laid back that it’s impossible not to give in and relax, the city of Hereford sits very much at the heart of the county. The city lies on either side of the River Wye, and whether you’re content just to perch on its banks and watch the world go by or you take time out to discover Hereford Cathedral, you’ll be glad you came.

Right on the border between England and Wales, the Wye Valley is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and if ever an accolade was well deserved then it’s this one. Within easy reach of Herefordshire by car, the Wye Valley’s one of those landscapes that are stunning in every season, and if you get the chance to spend some time taking it in with a walk or a bike ride then we say do.

Why stop at one Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in one break when you can see two? The Malvern Hills area is famous for the yummy spring water that trickles from its landscape, and with dramatic views at every turn it’s an invigorating part of the county to explore.

Heading north, Mortimer Country’s much like the rural, blissfully wild garden of Herefordshire, so it’s perfect for those of you who like to wander a little off the beaten track. To make things more romantic still, the landscape’s dotted with crumbling castles – each with its own tale to discover, and it’s the kind of place that feels a whole world away from life in the city.

Wherever you wander in this beautiful county, your Herefordshire holiday cottage will be the perfect base from which to explore.