Holidays in Northumberland

A Northumberland holiday is perfect for those of you who aren’t quite sure what kind of holiday you’re after. Northumberland’s home to everything from its own beautiful National Park to more than 30 miles of beaches, and that means you’re free to choose your very own kind of break.

Stretching all the way from Hadrian’s Wall to the border of Scotland, Northumberland National Park covers 400 miles of views, historic sites to discover and ways to enjoy the Great Outdoors during a Northumberland holiday. The National Park has notably dark skies and is in fact the largest dark sky park area of protected night sky in Europe. That’s a big thumbs up as it’s the first of its kind in England and the fourth largest in the world (joining the likes of Death Valley and Big Bend Dark Sky Parks in the USA!).

Set in the Tyne Valley, Hadrian’s Wall rolls on for 84 stunning miles, and it’s been nearly 2000 years since the Emperor Hadrian ordered its construction. These days, the wall attracts the curious, history lovers and walkers, and for the first time in 1600 years, visitors can walk the entire length of the wall thanks to the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail.

If walking the entire trail sounds a little too energetic (well you are on holiday after all) we’d recommend visiting Robin Hood’s Tree at Sycamore Gap, the tree Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood visited in the hit 1991 film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Recently Sycamore Gap won the title of England’s Tree of the Year and it’s also a nominee for European Tree of the Year. Come on Sycamore Gap!

Northumberland’s home to more castles than any of England’s counties, and although there are far too many to mention, Bamburgh Castle holds its own as one of the most impressive. Once home to the Royal Seat of the Kings of Northumbria, this rather imposing castle’s one of the county’s most popular family attractions.

Now we mentioned miles of sandy beaches, and sandy beaches you will find. In fact the Northumberland Coast Path splits this unique coastline into 6 easy sections, so those of you who are keen to discover the sandy coves and rolling beaches on foot can pick your routes and be on your way. And if you’re holidaying with your dog, it might come as a welcome surprise all Northumberland beaches are pet friendly throughout the year, with the exception of Newbiggin.

Explore this captivating region in full from the comfort of your Northumberland holiday cottage. Book with us today!