Peter Rabbit and seven other reasons to avoid the Lake District in 2018

Peter Rabbit. A troublesome bunny created by Beatrix Potter in 1893 that was inspired by her own pet rabbit, Peter Piper. Her Tales of Peter Rabbit appear on the bookshelves of millions of our homes nowadays and today’s  generation of bright young things also have an animation version thanks to every modern mother’s saviour, Cbeebies. Peter Rabbit is also one of these eight superb reasons to visit the Lake District.

2018 saw the start of another chapter in the Beatrix Potter phenomenon: Peter Rabbit, the movie. Hollywood’s take on the tales had us chortling in the aisles and continues to resolve many a tantrum or the ‘are we nearly there yet’ woes of long car journeys. With the likes of James Corden as the voice of Peter Rabbit it was most certainly a blockbuster and Peter Rabbit 2 is in the making.

Beatrix Potter, having spent a lot of her holidays in the Lake District, actually ended up buying several properties in the region and there’s the draw card. A Hollywood movie about an imaginary rabbit revived a long association between the author and the region that has benefitted the Cumbrian tourism economy for decades. 

Peter Rabbit fan or not, it tops our list of reasons to visit the Lake District, but we’re provided seven other options for those desperate to avoid the hype…

  1. The Tales of Peter Rabbit

    From a pet rabbit, to a rabbit in a book by a lady minding her own business in the Lake District, to Peter Rabbit becoming a thriving £400 million global industry. A family favourite has now landed a feature film and Cumbria is THE spot to find out more. Everyone knows that this may become the best holiday destination this summer.

  2. You’ll feel the urge to exercise

    In the summer months Great Langdale, commonly known as Langdale, is very popular with walkers and climbers. With the pleasant weather, this isn’t a surprise. Just like Peter Rabbit and his friends, you’ll be in the midst of chaos with families, cyclists and walkers all trying to enjoy the view of the mountain crests and lakes. Walker’s paradise? Walk on and you’ll find it somewhere in the Lakes. If you don’t, you can’t have looked hard enough and you’ll just have to return…

  3. Sweet treats

    On 1 January you said that you’d lose a stone by summer. With Gillam’s Tearoom and afternoon tea being great at the Inn on the Lake, there’s no chance of that happening. Relaxing in the cosy atmosphere of the Lake View lounge with its gorgeous views looking out towards Lake Ullswater and their well kept gardens will lull you into a cake-coma. Possibly the most saliva-teasing reason to visit the Lake District… Sounds tempting, doesn’t it…?

  4. Days out

    We’re not talking theme parks and attractions, we’re talking glorious English countryside, lakes and wildlife, not forgetting striking coastline – those are the most natural and some of the best reasons to visit the Lake District. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, the kids asking what’s for breakfast and your other half having taken up most of the bed, you’ll be eager to get out about about. Whitehaven Coast might be the place for you, with hidden gems and wildlife surrounding you all.

  5. History

    If the first word that popped into your head was “boring”, it depends on your point of view. A visit to Beatrix Potter’s house at Hill Top includes access to all areas and a showcase of over 200 of Beatrix’s personal items. With over 100,000 people visiting the gardens alone, we wonder what’s so intriguing…

  6. Wildlife

    From otters to red squirrels, you can be guaranteed that you’ll see all sorts when you visit Cumbria. A weekend nature safari? A twitcher’s tour? You might even see England’s only golden eagle if you’re lucky. Bring your  binoculars.

  7. Bucolic surroundings

    The British weather, as we know, is very unpredictable. However, a visit to the Lake District will provide some of Britain’s finest scenery in the summer months that rain or shine, you’ll be quite fine. With the grandest of views, it is understandable as to why there are so many artistic connections to the county. The weather simply compliments the valleys and woodlands, emphasising the beauty of the atmosphere. Pack your watercolours just in case.

  8. Everyone’s booked their Lake District holidays already

    Or at least after reading this – all the Cumbria holiday cottages might be gone…

From a romantic cottage in the orchard of Beatrix Potter’s former holiday home to a majestic property in the most idyllic of settings, there is a Potter-inspired holiday suited for all. So whether you want a jam packed holiday with different adventures like Peter Rabbit or if you wish to relax cruising on Lake Windermere, mooch through our Cumbrian cottages.

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7 reasons to visit the Lake District